Put the Reps In

We work with dealerships everyday who are stretched thin by lack of time, consistency across products, and turnover on teams. We understand the need to take your strategy and turn it into actionable, profitable, efficient processes across all your DI products, for all teams, for all dealerships. Every successful strategy requires an established plan, a willing team, and a knowledgeable coach. We’re your coaches that help you go from Practice to Pro with your DI website and other DI products.

Learning Focused Tools & Tracking

The Playbook is your primary source for Coaching Accelerated's custom learning paths, documentation, and assignments. The Playbook allows your dealership employees to reach your customized learning targets at their own pace while allowing dealership leaders to track their progress.

Custom Resources

Coaching Accelerated's custom learning resources are built to reach your dealership's individualized learning targets by Dealer Inspire's expert product trainers. Our product trainers' years of experience with the tools you use everyday will lead your dealership employees to product mastery in days rather than months.

Introductory Pricing

For a limited time only, Coaching Accelerated and The Playbook are being offered to dealers during our beta period at a low, introductory price to get you started towards product mastery with a six-month membership to our premium-training offering.